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I always loved comics of all kinds and of all periods and also drawing my own stories with pictures. Later, I had the chance to work on comics in Rome and in Paris. I include here some of that early work, a more recent piece, Lil’n, in comic strip form.

I like to work both with the classical comic format and to explore different ways of combining words with pictures.

le grand roi Sardanapale: a reverie [1990s]

the comic is inspired by Delacroix's la mort de Sardanapale in the Louvre


Home is one of the few surviving imagistic comics I did in the late 1990s


The adventures of Lil'N : a comic strip [2020]

KlaD [1990s]

KlaD is a setting of ‘Katherine la Dentelliere’, a short story by Marcel Swob from his Vies imaginaires

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