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collages, forgetting boxes, layered paintings

Collages have always been part of my work and have evolved to what I call 'layered' paintings.

A recent example of a layered painting is ‘What now?’, pencil on paper, ink on paper, ink in acrylic medium, epoxy resin; framed 56.5 x 86.5. Collage of drawings after Italian old masters, fragments of old letters and documents, overlaid with layers of cloudscapes on vellum and embossed metal.
Another example are 'forgetting boxes'. A ‘forgetting box’ is made by superposing layers of paper on card mounted on a wooden frame. The paper comes from various kinds of, once important, documents. These fragments of past life serve as the raw material for the work. What once mattered can thus be acknowledged and preserved, but also it can be forgotten, so that it does not to weigh on the present.


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