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Walls I know

Walls I know is about the comfort and freedom of walking down familiar streets, of being known and unknown, of being at home as a passer-by.

The project is ongoing; the first series of posters went up at Christmas 2023.

Walls I know exists as ephemeral art-on-walls posting and as Individually elaborated and signed copies from each posting series. Both are shown in Posters and Posting below. Walls I know first takes form in the drawings that form the basis for the posters, shown below in Drawings and Visions.

Drawings and Visions.

The images and words of the posters come to me first as fragments of stories, like pages torn out of a comic book, scenes from a film, or overheard conversations, as I walk around known and welcoming streets.
Drawings of these visions form the basis of the posters.

Posters and Posting.

Putting up posters in my neighbourhood connects to a theme from River. The short film of the concluding section, Names, features scenes of me tagging specific walls with my initials; see clip included below together with records of posting and examples of individual posters

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