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River is about how parts of a life hang together at one point in time. This work was inspired by the Thames, a presence that has always been significant for me, especially so in the spring and summer of 2020. 

Research into different flow and sedimentation patterns, the tides, and the morphology and composition of the riverbed was integral to this project. The movement of inert matter in flowing water, as it drifts, floats, snags, swirls and sinks, is a way to make sense of the, seemingly arbitrary, survival and arrangement of life-parts within an unfinished whole. The six main groups of the objects that make up River represent one such seemingly arbitrary shape of life.


River begins with twenty six mixed media paintings of various sizes.


Ushering the deeper sections of River is a chain sculpture that gives way to a group of portraits and figurative collages.

Ideal City with Shards of Summer Solstice

Next comes a vista of an ideal city seen through the rotating slides of a carousel, it is set atop crystalline ruins and against a geometric background.

Cutting Angels

The penultimate group in River, Cutting Angels contains paintings and a metal box made of woven wire.


The third group of River consists of mainly very small sculptures and pendants bracketed by two long banners/ wall hangs.


The final piece shows wall hangs draped over a semi enclosed structure, in which a film plays in loop.

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